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Our Services

Solutions that bring success to our clients

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Talent Booking

THA leverages our relationships in the entertainment industry to deliver the “hard to get” talent that will generate buzz.

Our team has access to top talent and influencers ranging from A-list actors to musicians, visual artists, athletes, dancers, performance artists, DJ’s and emcees, each of which is selected to fit your target demographic.


The Herrera Agency counts on an extensive media database with a National reach in both Mainstream and Hispanic markets, including traditional and non-traditional media outlets, to carry out publicity-driven campaigns that deliver results.


THA is committed to executing strategic campaigns with a 360 approach to ensure a well-rounded campaign. THA will maximize publicity efforts and leverage promotional opportunities when and where available in an effort to generate awareness and keep your brand top of mind among the target audience.


THA will develop and execute a unique publicity stunt that will attract the public’s attention and generate positive word of mouth for your brand.

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Media Planning

THA utilizes syndicated research to analyze emerging trends, consumer behavior, brand positioning, product and media usage to generate an effective media strategy.

Our goal is to provide efficient yet effective buys while leveraging dollars to obtain PR, promotional and/or product placement opportunities for your brand. We are constantly monitoring media activity and optimize accordingly.

Media Partnership

Media Partnerships with radio broadcast outlets will help to drive traffic and build excitement around your brand. By establishing a major level partner (i.e. iHeart Radio, Emmis, SBS, Liberman Broadcasting, etc.) and also building alliances with college radio stations, we can achieve both widespread reach and targeted communication with listeners.



  • Establish partnerships with both commercial radio and non-commercial radio that appeals to the target audience
  • Create excitement around the brand via giveaways and promotions
  • Invite fans to a “Meet and Greet” with influencers for photo ops and signings
  • Partner with online radio outlets to promote “Live Chats” with influencers via social media

Event Marketing

The Herrera Agency will produce your event or secure existing events to promote your brand.  We will create a unique event experience that will drive traffic, build brand awareness and strengthen your brand’s connection with its audience.


The Herrera Agency will seek opportunities that will increase active participation with your brand via live events and unique experiences that serve to build the brand, deliver shifts in preference and turnout amongst target demographic.


  • Latin Grammy Street Parties
  • Golden Boy Promotions Boxing
  • Cultural Events & Celebrations

Street Teams

Our Street Teams will target relevant events to create efficiency of effort & maximize promotional impact.


Street Teams will be recruited within the subcultures that are prevalent in the target market.

Our Street Team members are influential individuals who use direct, hi-touch, non-traditional interaction to solidify branding.  They are trained to engage target consumers in “experiential” interactions that link to their consciousness and make indelible impressions. 


Our Street Team members are:

  • Edgy, aware, street savvy leaders with a unique and creative approach to marketing
  • Multicultural/Bilingual mavens that will drive the peer to peer engagement
  • Excited about spreading the core messaging about your brand


Other Solutions we can provide for business


  • PR Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • TV, Film, Music, Entertainment, Consumer PR
  • Social Media Strategy & Content
  • Corporate Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Consumer & Grassroots Outreach

More Services

  • Press Kit Writing & Development
  • Branded Content
  • Event Planning & Production
  • Talent Procurement
  • Media Outreach & Coordination
  • Sponsorships & Partnerships
  • Event Staffing & Management
We have the experience to give your brand the publicity it requires.